Well... There you go again...

It got a little chilly sitting outside of The Roadhouse Coffee joint in Bodega, so Dennis is off to a different part of the world.

After getting the blessing of Wes and Everett, ("Don't let the door bump you in the butt...") he packed his belongings (and a Battery Charger to make new friends) ready for travel to Baja.

He read about new ideas that really hit home are known as popping "Quifs" . Figuring Dylan, Einstein or Ernest Tubb must be sorta a staccato sound, poppa-da-poppa-da-pop!
He saw a drawing of a Quif. Then, on Jan's Birthday Cake, at Michael and Jan's Halloween-Birthday Party, there were a bunch of quifs as a decoration.
That was very cool.
A whole herd of Quifs!
He was holding one in his hand, ready to put it in the truck to take home as his own when someone asked about it...
And so Dennis told them ALL about it...
What a fine party it was...

As usual he was concerned about making his travel connections, although it was mentioned he could just walk down the same basic road all the way if he missed the bus to the airport.

So here we go again... Keep a weather eye out for Dennis.

Okay... I'll leave most of the earlier stuff on the page, for the historians, but here's the up-to-date-poop on Dennis.
Around the middle of January, he and Eric (see letter below) left Baja for San Miguel, stopping in Guanajuoto for frolic and European City style beauty. And golly does that town have it! It's both a Colonialand University town. Then came Mike & Karen and Maj & O and Stewart's wedding. DElia's Father, Farley was the Minister. He got impatient. The three piece band was deep into a Mexican song of Love, Faith and Fidelity ( At least I think that;s what they were singfing about) when Farley hollers, "Okay, let's get going!"
Dennis bought a new blue shirt at the Sna Miguel equivalent of Price-Rite (as did all of us for the wedding but Ritchie) and Eric was the Best Man and we all had a fine time!
Then Dennis got an inexpensive apartment with a nice flower filled courtyard to settle in for a while walking around a fine town.
Before the Wedding, on one of the first days there, sitting in the Coffee joint outside The American Consulate, against the display window of Bras and Panties, he was talking with a guy about how things have changed in San Miguel. "I've got some land outside of town, and I think I'm going to sell and move outta the overbuilt mess."
Dennis flashed to a conversation in the Town of Mendocino almost thirty years ago.
It was the same guy, same talk.
Not too shabby.
We all became friends. Dick and Betty, his sweet wife who makes Tee-Vee's Katie Couric seem glum, live in the former house of The Inquisitor, A really tough fella during the time the Church had rough ways to convert the Indians to Catholicism. When the Indians did convert, they usually just change the Saints and stories to their own, more applicable Gods and mythologies. Saves a little on the ol' torture.

WEll, while I travelled around some, Dennis ran the town. ANd that sort of became a good reason to head out. Too many Americans. WAY too much New York City accent. It got to be critical mass for that.
So, back to Guanajuoto. And then after a bit, while I stayed on, Dennis and Flowell packed in with two other guys and a guitar, aimed for the bus station that would lead to Yelapa-- PAlm trees, 90 degree ocean weather.
The last note came in saying he 's back in Todos Santos, but likely back in SOnoma County in May...
That's the latest from here... Now on to the archeives!

Well... a letter came in from Dennis... (11/22, or so)
He's in Todos Santos ( not quite all the way to Cabo ) and sends his best wishes.

He says the children are all beautiful and the dogs are all ugly.
If you drink like a fish and laugh like a gorilla, you'll do fine there... ( Dennis has observer status through The United Nations--- I think a part of UNICEF )
A bicycle that was mysteriously not there (stolen?) has re-appeared ( borrowed? ) magically ( Carumba! ).

'Nother letter! (12/3)
He's settled in at Cafe Todos Santos. Dennis says in a way, it's the same as The Union Hotel... he's a lot like George now. He's always there with everyone wondering why...
He's in an ex-pat enclave. Everyone seems to be painters without any other personality than just, "a Painter..." One of his favorite styles is dissed as simply "Illustrators". Apparantly most all are successful, or certainly talk the game.
The Mexicans build all their houses, then take care of the places. They know Americans only as Painters or, "Artists". ( Artists that have watched too many movies about "Artists") They wonder that Americans care so much for painting and art but don't seem to be able to relax and enjoy everything that's around them. The Ex-Pats are there for "Culture", but miss the incredible texture, depth and color of The Mexican Culture surrounding them. Sadly surrounding them less and less as it becomes so overshadowed by the newcomers.
Around here, think of the old Italian Families... or the Portugeuse Ranchers... Now busy dodging Volvos, BMW"s, Mecedes and SUV's.
Dennis has met a couple writers with whom he feels especially comfortable. Actually, he's got a good feeling about most all down there. He figures it wouldn't be too hard to spend years down there... learn a couple words in Spanish... become a local who sits and watches the world go by.
He's looking forward to the January Wedding and all the friends on their way.

Eric met Dennis in Todos Santos and off they zoomed to La Paz to start what certainly will be a wonderous journey!
Here's a note from1/14
Yo Kurt! I'm here in LaPaz with Mr. Coffee at the Internet Cafe (one pot of Folger's and a Coke machine).Todos Santos was a real kick- We fly to Guadalajara early tomorrow morning. We're hoping our taxi driver can keep his vehicle running. We almoist didn't make it to our hotel today. We stalled in the intersection and had to push it to the curb. We left him with the hood up and his guarantee that he'd be there at 5:30 a.m. Dennis says we're up shit creek without this guy --neither one of us has watches --he's our only link to real time. Hold all visitors--we're not here anymore. Off to fish tacos . We'll send you word from afield. Dennis & Eric

There's a satellite picture...

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