Dennis Goes Out For Coffee And The Paper!

{You can ignore any timeliness from this page... This stuff is from last fall. Dennis is now planning the next trip. He's planted rumors about Czech-us-for-what-you-know, that country with Prague as a capital, Transylvania, Tasmania, Chile, Argentina and the Russian City, Sevastopol... Anyway, here's a picture of him at The Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay. Your reporter got a ride and Mr. Engineer blew the whistle and rang the bell! Here's last years trip...}

(a long time back, now...) He's left Occidental for Paris now... 3/24 ... EXTRA! Word has it Today's Dennis' BIRTHDAY!!!
From Steve, Ocean Song, Star Mountain and everyone... All our Love and Happy Birthday Dennis!!! MORE NEWS! 4/8/98... Dennis may be getting a flight to The U.S. of A, Sunday night (Easter... Dennis likes to fly on holidays so he might get bumped and end up with two tickets!)... The weather on The Union Hotel patio is getting just right for morning coffee and the paper.... News! 3/22 He's still in The South-West corner of France, but is getting ready to head back to Paris... {Cue The Tower} Probably there arouund the 4th of April {April in Paris....ahhhh...} staying perhaps until the 11th or so. Then maybe Belgium or maybe home... BUT! He ended his last letter saying, plans can change... He's been having a wonderful time, in a great group of litle towns, coffee, Herald-Tribune and hardly anyone speaking English! He's still speaking about 5 words of French, and 3 being understood. As Dennis says, about the same ratio as at home...

Eiffel Tower at night...
look for Dennis in this neat live-cam. Following this link gets a super zoom and switch view cam...

In this years' travel, Dennis plans on staying in Europe. Following the weather, he'll be bouncing arouund like jellyfish in ocean currents. To follow Dennis, you may wish to check in with the European Weather Satelite view.

Last year Dennis went to Grenada for some of the winter... Here's a live-cam of St. Georges Harbor
St. Georges harbor, Grenada
where he wandered around when not sitting listening to Cowboy music from 2-3:30pm at a coffeehouse.

Just got the first letter from him!

It was written from a cafe, where He remarked the women were as beautiful as in Sebastopol, but THEY ALL SPEAK FRENCH!
He's living upstairs in a very comfortable home in Paris for a couple weeks... Without knowing Dennis, the delightful woman,with the quite low rental rate, threw in all the coffee he could drink. She may regret that kindness. Considering what almost happened once after too much coffee shortly before he left, He may be married to the lady by now.

The Gleaners...1857,Jean-Fran¡ois Millet
Another Letter!
Postal dated the 16th... It was sent AIR MAIL!
This was more involved. I'll try to get the basics down, but the full details may have to be filled in later.
Some may know that Dennis hasn't always seen the importance of using a "ticket", as it were, to enter an event. It's become somewhat of a matter of professional pride. He's a bit like Robin Hood in some instances... The Crusher's baseball games were always attended with purchased tickets. But some challenges can't be ignored.

The Musee d'Orsay was tough. But as any of you who know Dennis would understand, that even though he had to switch techniques in mid-line, he got in.
(Full details must remain propriatary information)

On to The Louvre!

This was much more complicated but again, let's remember who we're dealing with.
The French haven't seen anything like this since Jerry Lewis was alive!
With all great covert actions, sometimes one has to face a difficult challenge with a strategic change of plans. The Louvre proved no different, and in the end it fell to the wiles of M. Dennis! It all had to do with the sewers of Paris, women and their feminine intrigue, a lost cat and Ballroom dancing on The Seine.

Dennis figures he's heading to Prague Sunday 9/21...
There's a book, "The Coffeehouses of Prague", by Lori Shafton that seems to understand the feeling Dennis has for Coffeehouses, wanderings and writing...
Peter wants him to take a full role of pictures of some of the more scenic sights...
Here's a live-cam where some of the "scenic" sights can be seen.

Praha - V…clav…k |ivs ! Prague,
St. Wenceslas Square - Live!

Well... Dennis phoned in a message from Siena, Italy. He left a fax #, wondering what's up, but try to get it back today (He called at 6pm, his time), because he's leaving for Venice the next day (10/3). So, something got off, filled with whatever messages have been left for him. I couldn't find any cameras in either Siena or Venice, so here's The Matterhorn live (more or less) in Switzerland or a Castle or a Church you can visit live in Lichtenstein!

10/7... A letter from Italy... Dennis did make it to Prague! So alive, beautiful and crowded. And, He noted the very wonderful "scenic" views on the streets and in the Coffeehouses! He said to tell Peter in Bodega he was right. But as he smiled and noticed the "scenic" views, the smoke and pollution turned his lungs black.
It wasn't easy, with everyone smoking. Coffee was almost an accessory to a cigarette.
He mentioned Germany in an aside. Perhaps he hit it in transit to Prague? Some nationality notes from Dennis' perspective:

* The French ... They like to sit a LONG time over coffee even though it's in a 2 oz. cup...
* The Germans ... For recuperative reasons, for medicinal purposes...
* The Czechs ... Something to do between cigarettes...
* The Italians ... Strong. They drink standing up. Can hardly find a seat- No one sits. Toss it down into the back of their throats-- Jump on your scooter and try to run someone over.

He says Florence is beautiful, but all the green areas are privately owned and closed.( In Paris, everything is owned by the state so it's available to all.) Florence closes down the streets to cars and scooters on Saturday night and everybody mobs around. He's eating Pizza as though he were in Italy, or The Union Hotel in Occidental.

More from this letter, later. Oh... The other thing he was happy about was the Giants beating The Dodgers in the Western divisional race... He hadn't heard about the recent unpleasantness with Florida. I hope nobody tells him. But, Dennis will just blame it on Barry Bonds...

Marches, Italy... coastline

10/15... Dennis is now in Marches province/region of the Eastern Coast of Italy, near the town of Fermo. I think.Whoa! I just got a note from Dennis... He's on the western Coast.. I think... He said it's colder on the east.
He wrote about an old lady that walked into a deli, elbowed past the polite American who stood out as the only one who couldn't speak the local lingo, and got the baked Chicken Dennis had been waiting for throughout a 30 minute line. Dennis went home with pickled Sardines and something.

He went looking for some televised 49er highlights he's seen posted in the paper. Bar to bar... No 49er's, no english spoken here.
Dennis hadn't heard any English for 5 weeks... He spoke slowly and firmly so The Italians could understand. A gentleman finally asked the bartender for Dennis. Dennis slowly told him again what he wished to see. The guy said he spoke 5 languages so he could talk normally. For a while Dennis still talked in his English-For-Foriegn-Folks-in-their-own-country.
The guy didn't know what to make of Dennis. Dennis finally shyed away, paying more attention to the tube than the by now card-playing English talker. It seemed that Dennis really didn't want to talk in English. Or, tell him all about his travelling.

I can't find a thing for Loano. He'll be there for about a month!
Here's some wonderful words about Marches... This is a shot of the east coast where I thought he was...

Send a Note to Dennis!
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He'll be in touch as he can or wishes... Stay tuned to see what comes in from him next!

Dennis is now in St. Cyprien-Plage...
Until 1/9/98 his address is ...better cancel this or le Monsieur will get mail for a past renter... St. Cyprien-Plage, 66750, France...
Here's alittle something about St. Cyprien-Plage...
Un petit village de pecheurs qui est devenue aujourd*hui un des plus grands ports du Languedoc Roussillon.
C*est »galement la station oó le premier golf de la r»gion s*est install» sur des terres d*un ancien mas.

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