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Rosalie Sorrels, the most wonderful person, singer, writer and story-teller around, needs some help.
She was telling people from stage how turning 65 later this summer had some wonderful benefits! MEDICAL! There would be no need for any more Benefits for Rosalie! Didn't quite pan out that way. She had surgery for Breast Cancer recently. There will be a major gathering of friends in Sebastopol, Sunday, July 26th. Good .
If you wish to contribute, please send a check to:
Rosalie Sorrels Recovery Fund (please use this wording),
Box 1204, Boise ID 83701.
News of Rosalie...

This is gonna be really Good!
Tony Serra will be the Guest Speaker at The Sonoma County ACLU's Annual Dinner!
Feb 28th, 1998... Sebastopol Veteran's Hall
No Host Beverages: 6:00pm... Dinner: 7:00pm... Program: 8:00pm
Music, the inevitable Silent Auction, and then!... Attorney Tony Serra will take all hostage with his talk, "The Gag Rule... Defendent Protection or a Gag on The Constitution..?"
Free from the Gag restrictions of the Bear Lincoln, Round Valley Indian Reservation--Deputy murder trial, and the Ted Kaczynski trial negotiations, This will be an evening not to be missed! Get your reservations right away!

Oct. 27th... McCaughy Hall, Bodega... The Bodega Land Trust Big Meeting! News from The Rural Alliance...

There will be a Board of Directors Meeting, Nov. 25th at 7:30...
If you are interested and have energy to apply to good works in Western Sonoma County, Get Involved! Drop a note to The Rural Alliance to learn more!

Go out and around the county visiting fine artists and super people during Sonoma County Art Trails! It gives you a great oportunity to meet the creator without leaving this earthly realm. And also buy some of the beauty!

From Mark Green and The Sonoma County Conservation ActionNetwork...

The environmental majority on the Windsor Town Council has been targeted for recall by a group of citizens of generally pro-development orientation. Alleging that the majority is "bankrupting the town" despite the town's strong balance sheet, recall proponents are well-funded and have claimed a suspiciously high percentage of their funding as being "small contributions", so they don't have to reveal who gave them the money. They have refused to reveal their funders. If history is any lesson in Windsor, most of their money is probably from developers and land speculators.

The targeted majority has just implemented a strong growth-management ordinance for Windsor, and is working on a voter-approved 20-year Urban Growth Boundary. It seems pretty clear that this is why they've been targeted for recall--developers see their hopes of millions of dollars in profits from sprawl development going down the drain.


The UGB campaign committee is holding a fundraiser at the Hop Kiln Winery (6050 Westside Rd., Healdsburg) on October 12 (Sunday), from 2-6PM. If you haven't been their, it's BEAUTIFUL (I am admittedly biased, as I got married there). There will be catered food, wine, and music by The Blenders.

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 on the day of the event. But I urge anyone who can afford it to send more if they can, and to attend the event to show their support.

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