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Kurt Erickson

We'd planned a momentous occasion of a celebration out here in Eyewash.

The mayor and most of the town Elders and even some folks that aren't 'cept Earl figured it was time to put on a big to-do and push-start The Fire truck since Rodney left the lights and windshield wipers on after last summer's Fiesta Del Sol what got rained on some, to celebrate our Winter Wonderland Weekend and Snowball Throwing Contest, but nobody can throw at Emma 'cause her seein' got a darn sight slimmer since last year when a snowball caught her upside the head and turned her a bit silly too.

Figured Gary and the boys, Josh and Jake would jump-start The Searchlight stuffed back in the sorta fallin' down barn that used to be a big long Chicken Coop lookin' like a hundred foot red-ish brown worm with eves an' a couple coupalo's slitherin' over and down a little rise, wigglin' some toward Nancy's truck and garden that's all dried up this time of year but she put up lot's of jars, mason jars, with different garden things.

She gets The Educational Tee-Vee station 'cause she went all the way into town to The Sears-Roebucks and got an antenna that Josh slid three-quarters the way down her roof 'cause his hand slipped off the chimney when the wind caught hold of the antenna he was tryin' to put-up and finally did after Nancy painted his roof-rashed up fingers and knuckles red with mechurachrome and so Nancy saw this cooking show where they ate snails so she plucked a whole paper sack, big paper sack from the store, Earl's store, full of cornmeal to get all the snail poison out of thier guts that would make you puke and pickled up jars and jars of them in Mason Jars.
Yes Sir that they were, The Mason Jars.

Gary, Josh and Jake got the searchlight from a blind guy from Oklahoma whose truck what was haulin' a whole string of these big things like a parade of Circus Elephants holding the one in front of them's tail with thier trunk and some little guy with a towel around his head and baggy pants, maybe an Indian fella, not The Woo-Woo in The old Movies American kind but The Indian kind, with a long stick with a hook on the end to grab the lead choo-choo of this Elephant Train and show him what way to the 'maginery tracks are supposed to go. And this blind guy who's wagon-master of this searchlight procession traded Gary, Josh and Jake a searchlight for fixin' his truck's clutch and oil pump and knock a few fenders out of the way of the tires 'cause he sorta bumped into things mighty often.

He said thanks and showed them the switch to turn on the searchlight and Gary, Josh and Jake pointed him the direction out of Eyewash.
It's direct to The Searchlight that turns 'round and 'round on the tipsy west end of Point Reyes but you can't see it through the hills and big rocks out on Ed Pozzi's place.
He wanted to do waterbed store and Bowling Alley Grand Openings with all his searchlights wigglin' around in the air for everybody to follow on in to the new shop.
It'd be the hot-shot grab the crowd by the whiskers Grand Attraction.
So off he went bouncin' them hauled from the front, hooked-up searchlights bein' led by the blind guy drivin' the by now fixed-up truck by Gary, Josh and Jake, pertendin' to be some baggy panted fella with a stick with the little hook on the end tellin them searchlights to Gee an' Haw to the next Stop an' Shop or Strip Mall needin' some flashy lighted marketing makeover.
Didn't have a Crummy, A Choo-Choo's Red Caboose, at the back of his train but did hang a bobbin' little red light that waved goodbye to all of us in town.
And all of us gathered around like we were waitin' for another annual Founder's Day Summer Picnic pitchur, waved so long to him. He waved and weaved blindly, ka-bonkin' into the "Welcome to Eyewash" sign we put up out on the beginning of the nearest fast road out of town.

Oh yeah...there was somethin' about our next Winter Wonderland Weekend.

©Copright 1992 Kurt Erickson

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