Jessica Framer/Occidental, Ca.

Jessica Framer

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Framing Shop & Gallery
Main St.
Occidental, Ca. 95465
(707) 874-1758
Oh... These aren't examples of the framing done... just a few handy pieces by a couple of the many talented people around here...

A personal business with the highest respect for the framing and art presentation needs of both commercial clients as well as personal collectors or decorators.
Enjoy working with professional folks with respect for individual projects.
Whether it's the important move from the refrigerator to a choice position in the living room, or preparing for an important gallery exhibition, your art is treated with the care and attention it deserves.

Beginning in the spring there will solo shows & receptions in Occidental. Enjoy both fine art and stimulating interaction with many of the area's outstanding artists, wannabee's and folks soaking up free food that make up this richly diverse community.

Jessica's encouragement, attention and strong support of personal endeavors has been a magnet drawing together folks who gell in common determination.

The above pieces are by friends of Jessica, upper left: Bill Wheeler... "Salmon Creek"© copyright 1994 Bill Wheeler.
Above right: Meg Hitchcock.... "ST. Anne with Wings ( detail ), 1996, 72" x 51". Oil on Canvas...
©Copyright 1996 Meg Hitchcock
All Rights Reserved

Special Opening & Artist reception!
Meg Hitchcock...
May 10th, 5-8pm

This isn't Jess' doggy, but the names are both Jake... and her Jake is a Golden too...

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