Baedeckker Guide

Watercolor... 7"x10"... Bill Wheeler... 1997

"The Celebration of Sankta Lucia... 1997"
William Wheeler
Drawings, Prints, Paintings... Curated by Anna Lundstrom
Bolinas Gallery, Wharf Road. The Weekends of Dec somethingerother. 12-6pm
Reception (and a darn good one, too!) Dec 11, 5-8pm

Michelle Bellfeuille
Visit a Gallery of
figurative and plein air landscape works in a unique style.

Ron Rodgers
A Bronze sculptor with a flying vision.

Powerserge... Fine Sculpture from Freestone!
"Fire and metal Sublimate ideas and feelings Into multi-dimentional objects Offered for your enjoyment."
You know I asked the sculptor if he wanted a spot here in Joyridge... He said he sort of liked his anonymity... Well, if you drive through town, the first thing you ask is "Who's that Sculptor?"... So now he put up a page that may serve as an invite. Just enough to whet your appetite.

Wally Hedrick!... Here's a couple links to a wonderful painter, Co-Founder of 6 Gallery in San Francisco, that'll kick you in the pants. Rock solid painting statements designed to shake up clone-think. And a darn fine Proprietor of "Wally's Fix-it Shop"...
First, an interview with a Sonoma County Weekly (or as Wally may put it, "A Weakly"), The Sonoma County Independent...
Here's a fine article about Wally with some works from a super Art-Zine Left Coast Art Magazine!

The Donkey Barn Artist's Studio
Weekly figurative sessions. Highly accomplished Artists hone skills, experiment and interact in a comfortable atmosphere.

Elfi Chester...
Elfi often works at The Donkey Barn. Visit her fun site with an array of works that offer a variety of delights.

Joy Fibben
An Artist who translates the ephemeral delights of light.

David Hamilton
A Sculptor defining space with comtemporary views of time and legend.

Adam Wolpert
A Classical, lyrical painter drawing from the immediacy of plein air.

Tony King
Landscape expressions with a "thinking" brush.

Bill Wheeler

Freedom, earth-sprung energy leaps from his landscapes.

Kathy Mason-Lerner A colorist who layers transcending impressions. Landscapes grace her paintings and fine burl Screens that conceal everyday trappings while opening a view from the artist...

More to arrive...