The Sonoma County
Local Agency Formation Council
Is, 4 to 3, A Bunch of Idiots!

I attended the LAFCO/ O'Reilly Sebastopol Development hearing to watch local government insure this county's planning guidlines are respected.

Next, I'm going to a Butcher's and from the beginning watch Sausage get "prepared" and stuffed.

Through this entire process, one has come to expect The City of Sebastopol to act like Keystone Cops, bumbling from one superficial problem patch to the next.

This time it was an "assurance" that The City, Cal-Trans and The County could work out an entrance issue. Using a a wave of the hand from the absent property owner whose land is now necessary, a Mr. Rose, saying they "could work together", Sebastopol didn't even present a drawing of The ENTRANCE to the Development!

So for those who live outside of Sebastopol and will be directly affected by the ensuing traffic mess, one has to depend on LAFCO to protect the long-term interests of Sonoma County. Remember, once developed, there's no turning back...

And in this case, don't turn your back on LAFCO, they made a lot of noise ( Tim Smith! ), but voted for a good company to develop in a location that will be a monument to mindless, provincial, near-sighted planning because they lacked the backbone to vote for Sonoma County, and settled to play the lackey for The City of Sebastopol !

All through the meeting, Sebastopol was derided for presenting such an abysymal proposal. "Convenience planning" seemed to be about as positive a note to be found! Convenient not to the people trying to drive through the mess that Sebastopol planning has already given drivers.

Tim O'Reilly, once again making sure no one mis-contrued him to be a developer, asked for sympathy since The Sebastopol City Planning people guided him to the inappropriate location from the beginning! How much extra money has this highly regarded corporate neighbor spent defending the site following such advice?

Glenda Humiston spoke to the point, saying that the entire project was poorly sited, given the existing traffic mess at the Mill Station Road/Hwy. 116 intersection. And so She voted no.

Mike Cale and spoke straight to the issues. It belonged in a business park. Sebastopol had ignored good planning attempting to place a development in a space they had earlier pleaded the county to remove from their sphere of influence. He voted no.

There was a note of dismay from one Board member: "You ought to be glad I'm not writing a Performance Review of The City of Sebastopol. " He voted no.

Tim Smith spoke at length about mis-givings,
the inept work by Sebastopol and how they shouldn't come to LAFCO with such a presentation ever again. And then He voted for Approval!... My God ! Where is his self-respect?

We needed LAFCO to show some guts and sense!
LAFCO rolled over on its back.
Bad dog LAFCO!... Bad watch-Dog!
Bad last hope government meeting tired clock-watchers.

Kurt Erickson

This whole mess really burns my ass!
Not because of the good works and nice guyism of Tim O'Reilly & Associates, but of the meat-handed, screw the basics of planning attitude Sebastopol brought to the table!
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