The Press-Democrat Goes Parolee Hunting
With Local Law Enforcement

The Newspaper prints a Frontpage Photo of a man trying to legally halt a flyer with his photo!

Throughout this extended fox hunt of Markvardsen, we've seen The Press-Democrat actively trumpeting the hounds. They are a mouthpiece for the Police Agencies. Certainly, in this instance, not in the role as a public service, as much as a fawning go-fer for those such as the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department Lt. Mike Brown.

Brown has been a leader of the villagers swarming with torches and pitchforks. He's been vocal in his disdain for basic privacy. He feels that if the parolee doesn't like the spotlight, then get out of town. His attitude certainly plays a part encouraging community reaction against Markvardsen. The disdain shown over the suicide of the recently exposed parolee shows people that chasing the monster out of a neighborhood certainly has the support of (cough) Law Enforcement.

The Press-Democrat recently covered the legal action by Marvardsen to stop the Sheriff's Department from posting flyers around the fourth place he's tried to live since the original flyer went out last year.

Note: Remember after the first neighborhood demonstrations, He was sent to San Quentin for parole violation. He was found guilty of talking to a person under 18. He adamently denied it. It was a case that screams of a set-up or worse that sent him back to prison.

His attempts to stop the recent flyers were covered by the local newspaper so completely they included a photo of him on the front page. Of course, it also included a list of his past crimes. This was a story about his filing an injunction to stop the publication and distributution of a flyer with his photograph and list of his past crimes.
What a reprehensible act!

Now, the Press-Democrat has taken responsibility away from Law Enforcement. They have made the flyer a moot issue. The didn't just post it around the new home... it's all over Northern California!

Why isn't anyone screaming about the stomping and trashing of his rights?
Even the local ACLU has been strangely quiet.
The local media has gone to Southern California for comments on the situation.
Where are the local civil and privacy rights advocates...? Are they sitting on their hands because it's truely too hot a topic to take a stand where somebody knows your name or number...? Or maybe you keep quiet on one issue so it won't jeopradize it's standing on other projects where they can make some progress.

This is a shameful situation. The absolute disgust over the horror of Child Predation has taken away one person's civil rights.

These are two distinct problems, two seperate, very difficult crimes that need to be resolved with judicious determination and justice.

The frighteningly high rate of recidivism in Child Predation cases, as current penalties and the minimal time in counseling provided reflects, must not be ignored.

The basic rights of a member of society that has served out the sentence and attempts to return to everyday life, must not be witheld.

As we saw in the suicide of one hounded by the Law Enforcement posters shows, one of those rights is the right to live quietly and not be hounded to death. In some cases if you threaten and torment someone, show them there is no escape unless you jump off the bridge... That's murder.

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