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Noreen Evans for Supervisor
Noreen Evans for Sonoma County Supervisor
Call: (707) 578-3101

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Noreen Evans for Supervisor ...

Noreen Evans is running against Tim Smith for the 3rd District seat on The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors...
This is a clear-cut opportunity to help ourselves and our neighbors acheive better representation on the Board.
To do this, your help is needed.

Work for Noreen Evans for Supervisor!

Volunteer for Phone Banks... Call: Wendy Hart at 887-8683 or 578-3101
Precinct Walking... Call: Dustin McDonald at 795-3018 (eves)
It doesn't matter if you live in the third district or not... Her election will make a difference for every neighborhood and community in our County.
Noreen Evans Fundraiser... Feb. 16th!
Paradise Ridge Winery -- 5:30--7:00pm
For info call Katie Anderson... 578-3101 ...Or: all purpose Evans Campaign e-mail:

Common Courtesy, Common Sense and the Board of Supervisors...
Noreen Evans vs. Tim Smith

Sonoma County is facing another election with more politicians staring us down... Well... like the famed Senator said, it's time to take the Bull by the tail and look the problem right in the eye.
Head here to read all about it...

For those who couldn't attended the League of Women Voters Debate at SRJC, the article in The Press-Democrat was shamefully slanted toward Tim Smith. Ms. Evans came out forcefully, asking Mr. Smith to voluntarily report within 24 hours all expenses and donation recipts over $500. Mr. Smith dodged the question many times, altering his response to address the ordinance before the Board, not the voluntary agreement presented to address only Ms. Evans and Mr. Smith.
Campaign financing continued to be the strong theme throughout the event. The Press-Democrat barely mentioned it in passing...Tim Smith has earned the biggest fine ever levied by the State Fair Political PRactices Commission against a Sonoma County Politician.
It's to be remembered that Smith's campaign coffers, not Smith himself, paid the $18,000 fine and the $10, 000 to a Sacramento attorney specializing in political financing legal matters..
So the same developers and gravel mining interests that gave Smith the money to spend in the beginning will always be there to bail him out of trouble...

It's time the representative respects the constituents.