Common Courtesy, Common Sense and the Board of Supervisors...

Noreen Evans vs. Tim Smith

Sonoma County is facing another election with more politicians staring us down... Well... like the famed Senator said, it's time to take the Bull by the tail and look the problem right in the eye.

One of the most important races for many of us is the Third Supervisorial District. Tim Smith, the incumbent versus Noreen Evans, the challenger.

Tim Smith says he has negotiated the solution to Russian River gravel mining... Bull. He has forcefully and successfully lobbied for some of his major corporate campaign contributors to postpone relief from in-stream river mining, which obviously plays a major role in the degradation of salmonid migratory corridors and destruction of spawning habitat.

Noreen Evans' decision making process evolves through the thoughtful melding of representative action and courageous leadership when the right decision, determined through research and experience, isn't the most popular. Sometimes a river and it's inhabitants may be the only constituency.

Tim Smith has served on The Local Agency Formation Council. He had the opportunity to cast a deciding vote on a plan brought by Sebastopol about expanding the City to include a new development to be built over an apple orchard. He railed against the plan left, right and upside down... One Commissioner spoke straight to the issues. It belonged in a business park. Sebastopol had ignored good planning attempting to place a development in a space they had earlier pleaded the county to remove from their sphere of influence. He voted no. Tim Smith spoke at length about misgivings, the inept work by Sebastopol and how they shouldn't come to LAFCO with such a presentation ever again. And then He voted for Approval! As with the statements about his role in weaning the Russian River of Gravel Mining, he talks one way and his actions may say the opposite.

Noreen Evans opposes the narrowly focussed 101 widening tax measure presented by developers. She is for improving the Highway within a thoughtful, well considered plan. Proper and responsible planning is not just jump into a regressive tax. This new decade deserves better than a 1950's failed solution built on childish slogans and frustration. She wants a broader, comprehensive transportation system, based on a sustainable, future land-use review. It's important to draw from all sectors of transit possibilities to offer true community solutions.

Tim Smith underhandedly threw a blatant political water balloon in the form of the so-called transit Proposition C. He brought the last minute measure forward only to tangle the issue. He presented this lame document only to diffuse the obvious push by developers, and corporate money to throw money at a problem in a knee-jerk fashion, totally unrelated to the needs of the freeway, much less the comprehensive transportation issues facing Sonoma County.

It was so horribly drafted it never determines the proportion of expenditures spent between pot-holes or bus stops. There's little, if any, real consideration to rail relief or land-use review to coordinate the future transportation roles of auto, bus, and rail.

For many of us who attend the meetings of The Board of Supervisors, one important difference between Noreen Evans and Tim Smith would be an attentive and respectful hearing when addressing the Board. Even the more incumbent oriented daily paper has often noted the need for change in this most human of responsibilities. Everyday people should not be trounced and degraded when bringing concerns before their representatives.

Sadly, Tim Smith has been found lacking these basic manners.

Noreen Evans will listen. She will respect the time and thoughtful concern taken by people who come to the Board. She may not agree. She may find other arguments more persuasive, but she will respect and appreciate the person making their case, raising a voice to help Sonoma County fulfill it's boundless potential... And to that end, she has and will continue to direct her energies.

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