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The Growers, No Spray Action Network and the other Environmental Groups have reached an agreement on a change in protocol of the existing County GWSS Abatement Work Plan.
Read this important document. We know this won't be the last time we need full community cooperation in land use and agricultural practices. This is an impressive foundation for future issues.
Here's the agreement...

Pre-exisiting Health concerns and The GWSS Work Plan!
Important information... Learn more about how you and your doctor can address the potential for dangerous health implications from GWSS pesticide spraying at or near your home.
Head here for information, links and a sample letter from you and your doctor.

For copies of CDFA's NOP for the GWSS EIR call (916) 323-6951.
It is also available on the web.
Head here for an on-line version

For more information contact:
POISON (Napa) at (707) 251-8919 or
No Spray (Sonoma) at (707) 874-3119.

Sponsor: Northern California No Spray Coalition


In TRADE SECRETS: A MOYERS REPORT, premiering Monday, March 26 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings), correspondent Bill Moyers and producer Sherry Jones uncover how our health and safety have been put at risk and why powerful forces don't want the truth to be known.
This investigative report, accompanied by a Web site, is based on a massive archive of secret industry documents as shocking as the "tobacco papers."
Head here to see The PBS site for more info

We reached an agreement with the Grower community. There were many months, 14 meetings and endless re-writes to forge a working document setting new Glassy-Wing abatement protocol for the County Agriculural Commissioner.
The new agreement, look to the right... will be presented to the Board later this month.
Please read the agreement and contact your Supervisor.

5th District Supervisor Mike Reilly has announced he will call for a vote to include the new protocal in the County Sharpshooter Work Plan.
Saying the Supervisors were never given the option of not forcibly spraying backyards and public places with toxics, he wants to vote to change that intolerable portion of the plan.
Supervisor Mike Kerns is also expected to join Reilly against forced spraying.
Letters and calls of support are in order.
Letters and calls to the other three Supervisors are even more important now that a change in only one of those three votes will bring success.

• Sonoma County Board of Supervisors ( 565-2241):

District 5 - Mike Reilly...

District 4 - Paul Kelley ...

District 3 - Tim Smith....

District 2 - Mike Kerns...

District 1 - Mike Cale...

Agricultural Commissioner John Westoby, 565-2371, Fax: 565-3850


A letter to Sonoma County Conservation Action regarding their support of Pat Wiggins' Glassy-wing Sharpshooter response, AB 1394
To SCCA- --

I am aware that SCCA has endorsed Pat Wiggins' bill, AB 1394, which provides for the establishment of the Pierce's Disease and Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Board. This Board would be responsible for assessing, collecting, earmarking and disbursing funds from the grapegrowers, through the grape processors. On its surface, it can seem like a positive step toward promoting environmentally-friendly alternatives to the county workplan's forced spraying component. However, on careful reading, AB 1394 reveals some very problematic language. I would urge SCCA to reread the bill, reconsider its implications, and rescind your support.

AB 1394 is an effort by Pat Wiggins to give legitimacy to the attempts by the wine industry to disregard the public health in the protection of their own profits. It sounds like the purpose of the bill is to promote non-toxic responses. But that is not its purpose.
Here are the problems with AB 1394:
1) It allows only representatives of the wine and grape industries on the board.
2) It includes the cynical ploy of maybe adding ONE "public member" to represent the interests of the public, but it lets the Board select candidates for that role; they get to hand pick the one person who is supposed to represent "us."
3) It keeps their information and data "confidential," i.e., secret.
4) It assesses the industry only THREE miserable dollars per every THOUSAND of profit to combat A PROBLEM THEY CAUSED, while taxpayers are forced to fund the rest of their bill.
5) It states the purpose of that money is to research "integrated pest management and sustainable practices," but then adds that those uses are "among other things," and "not limited to," so they can use it to promote pesticide use, GMO research, or anything else. Since the bill does not prohibit it, I assume they can also use those funds for "campaign contributions" to politicians to purchase sympathy for their cause.
6) It actually declares that their purpose is to represent the interests of their own industry; that by doing so they are actually representing the interests of "the public," and that, therefore, they are "the public."

These people DO NOT represent the interests of "the public," and neither, apparently, does Ms. Wiggins. It is things like this that make "the public" disgusted with our government.

I believe that the endorsement of SCCA was obtained by misleading SCCA as to what the bill will actually do. Only in the 6 words, "among other things," and "not limited to," are there indications that this bill is anything but environmentally friendly. But those 6 words provide major loopholes that can give the proponents of forced spraying millions of dollars in resources with which to promote toxic responses to the sharpshooter and, more disturbingly, to buy votes. I urge you to reexamine AB 1394, paying particular attention to the loopholes, to rescind your support of AB 1394 in light of these revelations, to make public your recission of support and the reasons for it.

This is "justice" for sale and SCCA should not support it. Knowing the history of SCCA and its commitment to our environment and our health, I am confident that when you examine the text of the bill more closely, you will not support it.

Most Sincerely,
Marlena Machol

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Read and support the No Spray Action Network's Open Letter to Grape Growers On Forced Pesticide Spraying Head here for the letter:

------ N O S P R A Y ! --------

Thanks for all your help to make the March 16th Community Shindig such a fun, wonderful and successful event!
the Arts & Culture Committee did a spectacular job. So much powerful work will be done with the proceeds.
Thank you one and all! ******************************

The Healdsburg City Council, on March 19 th, will hear and vote on the No Forced Spraying resolution previously introduced.

Well... we lost 4-3 in Healdsburg. Re-group and continue outreach to neighbors and friends!
{See the notice at right about the important Petaluma public hearing the same evening.}
That hearing resulted in a postponement until April 9th. The delay was more the result of the dysfunctional City Council than the issue. See the recent Press-Democrat Editorial page three part survey of how current the Petaluma Politics serves no one.}
The public hearing was a powerful statement of community concern. Both Growers and No Spray advocates spoke sincerely. The point that must be constantly stated is that this specific call is for No Forced Spraying in the backyards, and public areas... not attempting to use County authority to force growers to apply neuro-toxins to their own vineyards... We have focussed upon a very specific application of government mis-use of authority, affecting public health and the basic rights to protect one's home.
7 pm, 411 Grove St., Healdsburg

Sebastopol, Windsor and Sonoma have passed resolutions supporting the fundamentals of The No Spray Action Network, no forced pesticide spraying on an unwilling resident's private property, and public parks.
Santa Rosa,
{Lost that 4-3 as well... see below}
Healdsburg and Petaluma will be discussing the issue soon. Talk with friends about this important concern. Contact the elected people who represent the neighborhoods. Ask them to vote YES for health, safety and the constitutional right to protect private property.

Santa Rosa, Feb. 27, Tues.
The resolution stalled on a 3-3 vote, so it didn't pass. But Mike Martini recused himself becasue of potential conflict of interst reasons. This may be a long-term victory. It may offer precedence for future Board of Supervisor votes.
Read the two Press Democrat articles about The City Council resolution.
2/27, featuring Dr. Gail Dubinsky.
2/28 The story of the discussion and good words from Marsha Vas Dupre, Noreen Evans and Steve Rabinowitsh.

NoSpray Signs
Very suitable for road/front lawn posting!
Green background with white graphic and lettering
Reflective Materials on Aluminum
Industrial Quality for Outdoor Use
Signs may be purchased at:
The Quicksilver Mine Co.
154 Main St. Sebastopol
Send a $20 Donation +$4 S. & Handling to:
No Spray Action Network-Signs
P.O. Box 1317, Occidental, Ca. 95465
Please include your name and address, uh-yeah

"The No Spray Action Network opposes forced spraying of pesticides against the glassy-wing sharposhooter. We are committed to non-violent means to protect human health and the environment.

The No Spray Action Network encourages people to attend and consider speaking at these events to support the resolutions against forced spraying to combat the glassy-winged sharpshooter insect.
The county workplan currently authorizes forced spraying without the permission of residents and homeowners.
County Agriculture Commissioner John Westoby and Sonoma County Grape Growers Association Executive Director Nick Frey and others in the wine industry are expected to come and testify about why they need forced spraying.
The sharpshooter tends to arrive on landscaping plants, so population centers are the most vulnerable and likely to be sprayed first.
City Councils in Windsor, Sonoma, and Sebastopol have already passed resolutions against forced spraying.

News from the 2/15 Meeting
The Sharpshooter issue is a powerful and deep one. The more you tune into it the more you see what is on the line. The No Spray meeting last Thursday night at the Summerfield Waldorf School west of Santa Rosa, was extremely powerful- spiritually, intellectually, and artistically. The parking lot in the school could not accommodate all the cars and the organizers had to arrange shuttle buses.
Mayor Larry Robinson of Sebastopol gave a wonderful speech that was full of ecological wisdom, as did many, many other inspired activists, including 3 more electeds. There was a human sized costumed Sharpshooter complete with translucent jeweled wings sometimes gliding about the audience and occasionally offering demo assistance for speaker-biologist Brock Dolman. Dave Henson, director of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center moderated the whole evening efficient grace. There was conscious reflection on the message the Sharpshooter might be bringing and our response to that message. There was spoken word/poetry by Shepherd Bliss to round out the evening in rhythmic imagination. The energy in western Sonoma County was, and is, high and expansive and ready to stand up in defense of the integrity of the land that we all are embedded with. Read the article below to see how it all connects with you. Lots of folks don't know much about this issue yet and we are all a greatly needed part of the collective communication/decision making process.
Scott H

Head here for Shepherd Biss' article about the Jan 16th evening...
(Head here for other notes from the Jan. 16th meeting!)

Donations for research, printing and legal activities are needed.
Please send your tax-deductible contribution to:
No Spray Action Network
P.O. Box 397
Graton, CA 95444

For further information please contact: (707) 874-3119

No Spray Committee Meetings
Feb. 22, Thurs., 7-9, Ed. & Media, New College, 99 Sixth St., SR.
Feb. 22, Thurs., 7-9, Legal, New College, 99 Sixth St., SR
Feb. 26, Mon., 7-9, Direct Action, New College, 99 Sixth St., SR

Three localities have passed resolutions opposing the glassy-winged sharpshooter control program approved by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in December.

From The Press-Democrat article by Matt Weiser:
Sonoma's resolution belies its traditional closeness to the wine industry. But Sonoma Councilman Larry Barnett said his city's resolution should not be seen as hostile to grape growers.

"This is in no way telling the people who grow the grapes that they can't use the management practices they prefer on their land," Barnett said.

"But we can't let the drive for profit overwhelm concerns about public health. What I object to is the notion of a program that essentially has created a form of agricultural martial law. Any program that essentially does away with civil rights for the sake of somebody else's profit is just absolutely unheard of."

The next Ed. & Media Comm., Feb. 22, Thurs., 7-9, New College, 99 Sixth St., Santa Rosa. For more info, contact:
Shepherd Bliss ...

Recent articles on No Spray--
Northern Calif. Bohemian, Jan. 25,; Pacific Sun, Jan. 24,; Jan. 23 Press Democrat editorial page,

For pre-registraton for Direct Action non-violence training or further information please contact:, or P.O. Box 1317
Occidental, Ca. 95465, or call
Bethany Gibson (707) 874-3119

Actual Participation in Direct Action on the No-Spray Issue is not required to attend the training at SSU. Anyone interested in the techniques of non-violent social action can attend.

No Spray Action will host at least three all-day trainings in non-violent direct action--Jan. 13 &/or l4, Sat. &/or Sun., {Sorry, these dates are full} at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, co-facilitated by Dave Henson and others, and Jan. 20, Sat., at Sonoma State University's Student Union, co-facilitated by Starhawk and others. Those who attend either session will be elgible for a special traning of trainers on Jan. 21, Sun., at SSU by Starhawk and others.
Additional dates coming -- Feb. 2, 18, 24, 25

The non-violent direct action trainings will develop small "affinity groups" of 5 to l5 people from the same local geographic area. These independent education and action groups can act as rapid response teams to any spraying attempts. They will coordinate with other affinity groups for larger actions and educational activities.

A little history...
On December 11th, the group began organizing efforts to directly address potential Pesticide spraying by The Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner on properties of un-willing residents. There were a number of informational presentations and sub-committee organizing.

Here are Mari Russell's welcoming remarks from the motivating and wonderful December 11th event...

Hello it's good to see you all here and to see the faces that go with your voices. Thank you all for coming with your commitment and energy. There is allot of potency in this room tonight. I got involved with this issue back in July when I went to the Town Hall Coalitions forum in Occidental. I was ready to chain myself to the helicopters should they come. I have since thought there may be other ways to add to this effort but that level of commitment is strong within me.

I'd like to give you a brief overview. The Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter is a leafhopper originally from the SouthEast. It migrated to Mexico and Southern California and now with some help is heading North. It loves citrus groves and also lives on and in Ornamentals. By itself it is not really harmful, a bit messy perhaps because it feeds on and excretes water. Somewhere along the way Pierce's Disease got introduced. The Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter is the perfect vector. They have bigger mouths than our local Sharpshooter so they can feed on the trunk of the vine. They also hop and float on the wind further. Pierce's Disease has been in this area for over 100 years. Some say it is cyclical. Some say vineyards should not be planted in Pierce's Disease areas.

Anyway, the wine industry got concerned and lobbied their State Officials to declare a state of emergency claiming that if the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter takes up residence all of the grape vines are at risk of dying from Pierce's Disease. They are willing to spray our homes and yards with Carbaryl to keep the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter away from the Vineyards. We are the expendable front line. Carbaryl is a nerve toxin because of the similarities between human and insect systems. Carbaryl is in the EPA's Group 1 re-assessment program, which is made up of those pesticides that cause the greatest risk to public health. The EPA has determined it to be in the med-high carcinogen category and it is also an endocrine disrupter, which can alter hormone functions. At this point there is no known acceptable dose when it comes to endocrine disrupters.

Carbaryl is also a potential ground water contaminant. It is highly toxic to bees and other beneficial insects. It is also toxic to aquatic wildlife and birds. This is especially concerning for our endangered species. Four of which are fish, three salmonoid and a fresh Water Goby. A Shrimp, the red legged frog two birds and a salt marsh harvest mouse. Carbaryl is also shown to be toxic to 9 out of 12 of our endangered plant species in Sonoma County.

So, we know why we are all here. Solutions that are non-toxic and non-invasive must be found and implemented.

Our intention this evening is to involve all of you that have contacted us and help to organize all of our collective energies and ideas. And to put our passions to work towards our goal of putting an end to any non-consensual spraying.

We have set up individual committees that members of our steering committee are representing A representative from each group will announce the content (so far)) of their committee so that later this evening when we break into groups, you can choose the area that lights your fire. With all of your talents added, we can all cover allot of ground and angles in our goal to Educate, gather together with other supporters and organize our own Rapid Response Teams.

We also want to thank those that we have been working with so far including the Town Hall Coalition, California Certified Organic Farmers and Pesticide Watch.

We also want to express some of the operating principles that guide us including rotating chairs of meetings, non-hierarchical leadership, de-centralization and an emphasis on remaing grass roots.

There are two basic tenents that No Spray holds as it's focus point. The first is that we oppose any non-consensual spraying and that any actions taken towards our goal be done in a non-violent tradition. Everything else is open to the group process.

In closing, I would like to share a couple of thoughts. I was listening to David Browers memorial on KPFA. Wow it was inspiring but there were a couple of things that really struck me and apply to this group. The first being that this is really a civil liberties issue and an environmental one. It is a real partnership; the other was hearing Julia Butterfly Hill. She read her poem that she wrote for Luna after she had been cut. She has more right to be angry than anyone but she said we must BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE, BE THE TRANFORMATION WE WANT TO SEE. Also that THE PERSON WHO CUT Luna has enough anger for all of us, We must Love. I would also say that they have enough fear for all of us. Let us fill our hearts with why we are really here which is love for ourselves; love for our earth and love for each other.
Thank you
Thank you all for being here.

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No Spray Action Network