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The Developer who built The Golf Center (The Poles and Lights on Hwy 12) opened for Biz to thwart the attempt to shut this project down and find him a new site. All bets should be off! I felt he deserved a chance to develop in an area suitable for his project, and make a park in the current location. Now, there needn't be any consideration. Do you have any doubt his attorney, Doug (screw the old growth Redwoods) Bosco didn't suggest this as an end-around the Planning Commission?

Tues., the 12th! Newly elected Supervisor Mike Kerns was the deciding vote to allow antique subdivision plots be developed contrary to The County General Plan! He was such a bozo (apologies to Larry Harmon)to say he wanted to take time to study the thing. IT WAS AN EMERGENCY HOLD ON A STAMPEDE! It wasn't a bill forever! Kerns and Kelley, The development crowd's new duo on The Supes Board, appear to be solidly in the pockets of those who want to bulldoze thier way over the sensible planning and enviromental wishes of the community.

Feb.25th, The Santa Rosa Planning Commission will hold a Hearing for the god-awful Hwy 12 Golf Center. The poles & mesh--- Gill-nets for views and clear horizons-- and the soon to be BRIGHT LIGHTS! Say goodbye to Stars and Comets!... Solid speakers needed!
Thursday night, February 25th, 1999, 6:30 or so, Santa Rosa City Council Chambers, City Hall.

getting miffed about the illegal 30 acres of Clear-cut on Seaview Road by Ken Parmeter! More below...

BUT! Congratulations to The City of Petaluma for unanimously passing a Domestic Partners ruling.
Great work by many including the organization Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays ( national site ) and the North Bay Chapter ( regional site )... It's overdue for the other cities and Sonoma County to take action for equal rights.

. Well the elections have come and gone... Sonoma County really lost out when Petaluma and 2nd District voters put Mike Kerns in as Supervisor instead of the much more qualified Jane Hamilton. We will have to watch Kerns since so much developer money went into his campaign.(See the earlier paragraph above for his first telling vote in favor of the development interests) Once more, the white, male, Biz-minded Board of Supervisors remains, with the slim exception of Mike Reilly.
Keep them aware of your convictions and concerns.
Mike hasn't said word ONE about the Driving Range Golf development fiasco! AND he supported a General Plan change to locate a school bus storage area in a sorely tested neighborhood, routing buses up 101 and Hwy 12 during rush hour.

News above Occidental! Read more from Franci Gallegos in the 12/13 issue of The Bodega Bay Navigator about the LP lands on Coleman Valley and Willow Creek Roads.

This is from the site-link below...
"In July of 1998 The Fisher Family, owners of The GAP, Inc., purchased ALL of Louisiana-Pacific Corporation's timber lands in Mendocino County, some 220,000 acres. These include the absolute LAST of the ancient redwood trees not in State Parks. They are logging these trees using methods which include clearcutting, herbicides and overcutting timber lands of rare fisheries and extreme steep slopes creating unmanageable mudslides and deadly siltation in salmon streams."

Here's a link to more info about the prospects for Sonoma County lands from the Mendocino County experience with The Gap/Fisher Family.

Franci Gallegos is doing a super job writing in The Bodega Bay Navigator about area environmental issues.
SO The County D.A. is filing criminal charges against Ken Parmeter and Peter Michael WInery for Clear-Cutting 30 acres off Seaview Road. The damn fine is only $1,000 a piece! That's just a "cost of business"! It's cheaper to just pay a fine, than go through channels! Something's got to be changed!

Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol is very close to closing...
It's crucial to The West County.
The offer to the owners, Columbia HCA, was accepted as an interim step to save the hospital. Right now there's $530k in cash, stocks and pledges! But now, the real fundraising begins!
( Here's the non-profit page! )
Talk to friends with mega-bucks. Now's the time to put some dough back into the community!

I sat a spell with Eric just the other morning on the front porch of The Freestone Store.
We got to talking...
It's interesting how in the 70's we were all terrified of the threatening "Santa Clara Countyization" of Western Sonoma County. The exploding housing market was the economic driving force of the time.
We were gung-ho promoting the historic agricultural heritage and how that could save open space from endless un-afordable housing tracts.
Well the housing market slumped and the wine biz went sky-high along with grape tonnage prices and obviously land prices for growing.
Apple orchards were ripped up, sold for firewood or yuppie Salmon Bar-bee-que chips and the land ripped three feet deep by D-6 Cats, covered with plastic like a suburban house couch, then earth-fumigated with methyl bromide.
So... We got what we asked for...

©copyright Bill Wheeler 1996

The whole damn valley is up for grabs!!!
Kendall-Jackson wants to build vineyards along Bodega Highway most all the way to the eastern border ridge...

I'm gonna write Jess Jackson and ask him, if he gets it, {now looks like he's running an hour behind once it hit the market...} to make it an model organic vineyard anyway so all these idiots wanting an acre of grapes on thier new little ranchette-vinyettes ( keep an eye open, I've got a story somewhere about this... This whole dadburned is filled to the treetops with vignettes ) don't go chasing after Dutton Ranch Management to plant goofball grapes for absurd micro-climates that can only grow by using a zillion chemicals that are a bunch more toxic than the steer-shit that's a by-product of what's happenin' on the land now!

Rgarding the hunting of Child Predators after they serve the proscribed time and punishment...

Throughout this extended fox hunt of Markvardsen, we've seen The Press-Democrat actively trumpeting the hounds. They are a mouthpiece for the Police Agencies. Certainly, in this instance, not in the role as a public service, as much as a fawning go-fer for those such as the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department Lt. Mike Brown. Brown has been a leader of the villagers swarming with torches and pitchforks. He's been vocal in his disdain for basic privacy. He feels that if the parolee doesn't like the spotlight, then get out of town. His attitude certainly plays a part encouraging community reaction against Markvardsen. The disdain shown over the suicide of the recently exposed parolee shows people that chasing the monster out of a neighborhood certainly has the support of (cough) Law Enforcement. The Press-Democrat recently covered the legal action by Marvardsen to stop the Sheriff's Department from posting flyers around the fourth place he's tried to live since the original flyer went out last year. Note: Remember after the first neighborhood demonstrations, He was sent to San Quentin for parole violation. He was found guilty of talking to a person under 18. He adamently denied it. It was a case that screams of a set-up or worse that sent him back to prison. His attempts to stop the recent flyers were covered by the local newspaper so completely they included a photo of him on the front page. Of course, it also included a list of his past crimes. This was a story about his filing an injunction to stop the publication and distributution of a flyer with his photograph and list of his past crimes. What a reprehensible act! Now, the Press-Democrat has taken responsibility away from Law Enforcement. They have made the flyer a moot issue. The didn't just post it around the new home... it's all over Northern California! Why isn't anyone screaming about the stomping and trashing of his rights? Even the local ACLU has been strangely quiet. The local media has gone to Southern California for comments on the situation. Where are the local civil and privacy rights advocates...? Are they sitting on their hands because it's truely too hot a topic to take a stand where somebody knows your name or number...? Or maybe you keep quiet on one issue so it won't jeopradize it's standing on other projects where they can make some progress. This is a shameful situation. The absolute disgust over the horror of Child Predation has taken away one person's civil rights. These are two distinct problems, two seperate, very difficult crimes that need to be resolved with judicious determination and justice. The frighteningly high rate of recidivism in Child Predation cases, as current penalties and the minimal time in counseling provided reflects, must not be ignored. The basic rights of a member of society that has served out the sentence and attempts to return to everyday life, must not be witheld. As we saw in the suicide of one hounded by the Law Enforcement posters shows, one of those rights is the right to live quietly and not be hounded to death. In some cases if you threaten and torment someone, show them there is no escape unless you jump off the bridge... That's murder.

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