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From The East Coast To The West...

Kurt Erickson

We'd left Saratoga Springs to build a record way up in Northern Vermont. Tom told his Grandmother he was traveling north to The Barn to make a record. She hollers, 'Well, You better make two young fella, I've got a Hi-Fi too ya know!".
The back of the Album has a picture of his Grandparents. A note from him saying, "This one's for you, Gram".

We decided to blow the roof off The Barn and have a maybe to be "Annual Meat-Loaf Bake-Off!".
During the work we were all darn broke, so this was a big event! Wežd load-up and went over hills through trees and rumbled and clanked over two covered bridges almost all the way to Vergennes to cash in our empty beer bottles.
I'd been makin' mayonaise and nothin' omlettes for nigh onto a week. We had chickens, so could make the mayo. So the Bake-Off was a pretty big event!
A ton of pretty, rich college young women from some of The Seven Sisters Colleges came to view the zoo. They got to party with real live broke and hungry musicians, sleep on pads in the high-timbered nicely converted Barn .
It was semi-formal. Sloth wore a full tuxedo top-part and cut-offs with stylishly bare feet. He also won the Bake-Off. Hot and Spicey!
Martin Grosswendt was hanging out and then left for Radcliffe with one of the ladies. Golly, did he ever put together a fine album...

Mary McCaslin and Jim Ringer drove up to do some work on one of their records. After a long session mastering the tape, we were eating Jim's good cooking (they brought FOOD!), and we see in the paper Linda Ronstadt is playing in Burlington. Mary had been part of the Stone Poneys with Linda.
It was late. Icy roads, two covered bridges and 30 miles. The gig's over. Find Linda. Visit in Hank Williams Jr.žs touring bus. Party in the hotel, head back to the barn.
Through the woods and hills, past Bob's store,over two icy,creaky covered bridges, take a right at the caboose and slide down the road to the studio.

Utah Phillips had graded, put down ballast rock and rails and plopped down his caboose on the up-hill side of The Studio. The County got a complaint from a fella down the road that would piss and moan about anything. Said The Caboose was a Mobile Home! Phillips welded the sucker to the rails.
Case closed.

Oh . . . about Jim Ringer's cooking. He learned in jail. In there for drivin'n a car that wasn't his. Got to be a good jail house cook because the patrons don't deal with dissatisfaction by not tipping.

A number of years back, I was staying with them for a week or so. Jim used my truck to get building supplies for a big late breakfast. In the afternoon, I went out to run some errands. Jim had locked the keys in my truck. After about forty minutes, Mary's there loudly tapping her foot."Jim, You TOLD me you were a PROFFESSIONAL!!!".

Their place was three houses from the open dessert leading up to Cajon Pass. Very warm, close neighborly spirit.
Had to be to survive.
It's on the wrong side of the tracks in the looked down upon town just east of San Bernadino. The neighborhood put out their own calender. Famous dates of their history, everybody's birthday including folks that stopped in who were lost. Started their own fictional University.
Muscoy You!

There was a big party in Jim and Maryžs backyard. It was on the Calender.
Dogs, kids,Cancer Patients. The Fellini spectrum.
A Hot-Air Balloon Regatta was floating overhead to a big fancy Country Club Banquet at the Golf Club. Somebody not involved with our crowd shot down one of the aviators. It drifted to earth not far from the party.
We made sure the lady and fella were okay. The way the basset hounds, other dogs, kids were having fun, Amelia and Wally had one heck of a good time.
They stayed way into the night. Decided to pass on the country club.Slept on Jim and Mary's couch with Otis a basset.
It's now on The Calender.

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