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Spring/Summer '97

Winds of Change For Freestone Valley...

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Rancho Americano (previously known as Quail Hill) has been sub-divided into nine parcels that will be on the market as soon as the Herrington's comply with Sonoma County's conditions for approval for development.

The Crenna Ranch, 222 acres stretching from Bohemian Hwy. to Jonive Rd. and across the valley floor to Freestone Flat Road. was sold at a Probate Auction for $1,450,000. General Plan and zoning restricts this property to 40 acre density. The developer's plans have not been publicly announced.

A 70 acre parcel behind the Wishing Well Nursery is in escrow contingent upon approval of a use permit to develop green houses for grape vine starts. The property stretches from Bodega Hwy. across Salmon Creek and up the face of the west-facing hillside. The prospective purchaser is Mr. Heath, who some may recall as a previous owner of Superior Propane Company.

Together, these properties encompass the beautiful Freestone Valley, most of the hillsides and ephemeral tributaries of Salmon Creek.
As rumors of vineyards, golf courses, new roads and huge houses circulate among us, we realize once again how important it is to protect the natural vegetation and water supplies that support this coastal ecosystem.
While we appreciate the goals of the General Plan to encourage agriculture and low density development in The West County, it does not protect the land from inappropriate timber harvests, vineyards, golf courses etc. that diminish our tenuous water supplies and scare away wildlife.
Just last year kids at Middle School in Freestone saw Salmon going up the creek to spawn. Keep the Salmon in Salmon Creek!!!

Let's hope the new owners share our appreciation of this unique valley and will consider selling some or all of their development rights to the people of Sonoma County to be administered by the Sonoma County Agricultural Preserve and Open Space District.

The RA will be very carefully monitoring whatever happens here and invites your participation to help preserve the biological integrity of Western Sonoma County and the rural lifestyle of The Freestone historic District.

From The Western Sonoma County Rural Alliance Spring/Summer Newsletter

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