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Vote YES on Measure I
Preserve Ag lands, prevent "The Final Crop"

Head here for the information packed web-site,

November 10th!
The Rural Alliance Dinner at Occidental's Union Hotel!

Plan ahead now for the world famous Rural Alliance Dinner and Auction.

You're either too late or had a super time.
It Was GREAT! Thank You Everyone!

SUNDAY MAY 28 9 am - 1 pm
Live on KPFA from Sebastopol!

Come have breakfast/brunch and join in on the discussion about Sonoma County growth issues...
moderated by KPFA's Larry Bensky

with a panel of local activists:
Lynn Hamilton
Kathleen Kraft
Fernando Nugent
Sheperd Bliss
Stephen Spector
Kurt Erickson
...and others
followed by Robbie Osman's live broadcast of
Across the Great Divide
Join everyone at The Powerhouse Brewing Co.
268 Petaluma Ave.
one block south of highway 12 in Sebastopol
For more info, call 829-1682

7:00 pm, Thursday, May 25th
Rural Alliance Fundraiser!
A Terry Tempest Williams Reading

Unitarian 'Universalist Church
Corner of Todd & Stony Point Rd
$10 in advance/$12 at the door
Tickets available at all Copperfields Books
For info call: 829-3987

Occidental is poised to leap into Wastewater future...
A Sonoma County Water Agency promoted pipeline to Guerneville and the River with its inhernet growth inducing ramifications, or a local leach field supplemented with Redwood Tree Evapo-Transpiration that will keep the human treated water out of the creeks and river..
The Occidental Community Services Board has the opportunity to make a good decision for the future. Local control and keeping water within it's own watershed is the proper direction.
Head here for a look at the situation...

Born: 7/31/1937
Died: 3/24/2000

Franci was raised in East Los Angeles and attended U.C. Berkeley, Sonoma State, and received her teaching credential from Dominican College. She taught many years as an English teacher at Berkeley High. In the sixties, Franci was an activist Draft Counselor.

A thirty year resident of Camp Meeker, She set California environmental case law history in 1977 with recently elected Superior Court Judge, Elliot Daum as lead attorney. This case law is known as Gallegos vs. The California Dept. of Forestry. This was to protect the Camp Meeker Watershed from logging. Court costs were raised from a benefit concert with Jerry Garcia and Maria Muldaur.

For eight years She was a Director of The Camp Meeker Park and Recreation District. She served as a Director of The Camp Meeker Players. Franci was a founder of The Russian River Health Center. She was on The Board of Directors of The Western Sonoma County Rural Alliance.

It has been a life long dream of Francišs to create a park of the entire Willow Creek Watershed in Western Sonoma County She was actively working on this project at the time of her passing.

Franci's determination and focus was using her writing to energize communities by bringing important issues to a broad audience. She was often the first voice to rise in defense of causes not covered by the mainstream press.

Three important things you can do to really help Sonoma County!

Work for Noreen Evans!... Sonoma County Supervisor.
Volunteer for Phone Banks... Call: Wendy Hart at 887-8683 or 578-3101
Precinct Walking... Call: Dustin McDonald at 795-3018 (eves)

2) Vote NO on Sonoma County Measure B! It will tax all to expand Hwy 101 but ignore Transit.
Attend the Transportation Debate
This Monday - Feb. 14 - 7-9 p.m. (7-8pm Measure B, 8-9pm Measure C)
Newman Auditorium, SRJC Santa Rosa Campus

Please write a letter to the editor, send CAWM some money (any amount helps), volunteer for a phone bank, come to other No on B forums (Thursday Feb. 17 - Windsor Town Hall, 7-9pm, Tuesday Feb. 22, New College - 7-9 pm, press conference Feb 16 , place TBD, make signs, etc.)
Questions/comments/suggestions/or to volunteer, please contact CAWM:
Citizens Against Wasting Millions (CAWM), 707-585-6110
P.O. Box 14906, Santa Rosa, 95402

Stop this attack on common sense. A tax on everyone for an extra lane on 101 that won't make a damn bit of difference. We should feel sorry for these people who have such a knee-jerk reaction to a problem that demands a comprehensive solution. It is another bad idea from development interests, the high tech mass money groups and anti-thoughtful transit oriented land-use design planning crowed.

Grappling With Change
Tuesday, February 29

The Community Alliance of Family Farmers presents:
Vineyards, Community, and Nature...
Agriculture and the Future of Sonoma County
Speakers: Terry Harrison, Judy James,
Pete Opatz, Dave Henson

March 9
Russian River
Community Forum (head here)

Guerneville Vet's Building
7 PM

For Elliot Daum for Judge
March 2, 2000 ... Union Hotel
Occidental (Bocce Ball Room)
6:30 -9:00 p.m. $20 (wine included)
Wonderful auction items:
  • Weekend in Tahoe
  • Mickey Hart Memorabilia
  • Wine, etc...
    head here for more info on Elliot Daum...
  • Widening 101 with regressive
    and dupicating taxes (sales & gas)
    without a coordinated rail component
    won't work...
    No on measure B & C

    Tough news for The Rural Alliance. Bob Sharp, The Spirit and conscience of The Rural Alliance has fallen and busted a hip. He's on the mend, and we'll let people know when and where cards or calls are appropriate. One of the first paramedics on the scene took a Hunter Safety Course from Bob...
    Bob Sharp, the Soul of West County Environmentalism

    Here's a photo of Bob, good pal Howie & family...

    News from the 1997 Dinner AND The Newsletter!

    The Rural Alliance is one of the sponsors of Sustainable Sonoma's, "Better not Bigger" Conference... Head here for more on this July 23rd Event.
    Whaddaya know, The City Council rejected the developer's appeal to re-start operation. No Permit! It ought to be removed immediately. The developer will sue, the city will figure something out. There is a possiblity Ring, the builder, will re-submit a goofus design to try and keep the montrousity there... Who knows what's next.

    Dian Hardy, Rural Alliance Board Member, among her many activist roles, writes about the Whale Hunt at Neah Bay by The Makah People...
    Read her introduction to this shame... and the report... "The Compact with the Whale Nations is Broken"

    The Board of Supervisors took another step forward with The Hillside Planting Ordinance on 4/13.
    It was sent back to Counsel to clear up language differences between the County and the group of Grape Growers and representatives of a number of mainstream environmental groups, such as The Sierra Club, Sonoma County Conservation Action and Friends of The Russian River. The importance of the Ordinance lies in that it's the first time Sonoma County Agriculture has been regulated. The outstanding frustration lies in what it doesn't include. It dealt strictly with soil erosion. Community Appeals to the Ag Commissioner, Pesticides, Habitat and view degradation have to wait for the next round.

    April 9th- Golf Center Permit DENIED!!!
    The Santa Rosa Planning Commission held a Permit Hearing for another roadside distraction, the Hwy 12 Golf Center; the poles & mesh--- Gill-nets for views and clear horizons -- and the soon to be BRIGHT LIGHTS! Say goodbye to Stars and Comets!...
    The Golf Center opened 1/14 in spite of The Planning Commission requiring they re-apply for a permit!
    Amazing... Attorney Doug Bosco may have suggested to his client he just open and the City will only tell him to close at 8pm and plant trees to blend in with the poles! He's a;ready dumped on the neighborhood regarding the "Scenic Highway" aspect of Hwy.12 He's been quoted as saying, "That's no scenic highway...". Doug! Raise your horizons...
    The Developers will appeal to The Santa Rosa City Council. The project was approved by The Planning Department... So he'll sue, if the City uses the permit denial and any sense whatsoever. Give him surplus land appropriately sited to begin with so Poles aren't needed, tax breaks and a pat on the back.

    As a positive suggestion, why not build a park at the current site?
    Give the developer a large piece of surplus land more suitable for this project. Give them very generous tax breaks as well as a loan package to mitagate the inconvenience and immediate finacial concerns...
    It's important that a win-win situation can be found, so we won't have to just live with a Planning fiasco, and have it stand as a monument to inability to stand tall against accepting a disaster in our midst.

    The Western Sonoma County Rural Alliance has joined a lawsuit to halt and remove the Santa Rosa Golf Center, adjoining Hwy 12.

    These 120 foot tall poles and mesh screens were constructed with an invalid, and now revoked, use permit. They must re-apply and face a City Planning Department Hearing.
    Co-Counsels Eric Koenigshofer and Susan Brandt-Hawley are representing concerned nearby residents & home-owners and The Rural Alliance. We are involved specifically because it would be a blatant violation of The Sonoma County General Plan if the Center is allowed to remain.
    It is also important to represent a county-wide constituency that demands scenic viewsheds be respected.
    Be sure to attend the Santa Rosa Planning Department Hearing!

    Help save Palm Drive Hospital!
    The Rural Alliance has given to the Community non-profit seeking to buy Palm Drive Hospital. Everyone in the West County knows someone who has been helped or even saved by the nearby emergency help of our local hospital... Now the hospital needs us.
    Join The Rural Alliance and give what you can, but certainly tell everyone about the imminent closing of our trauma and first care unit.

    The Rural Alliance is a partner in the litigation with South-West 5th District neighbors to fight The Golf Center! Let Mike know how you think about this monstrousity!

    But... He has set up the beginnings of a background Environmental Briefing Council... Don't know what he's really going to call it yet.

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