Quail Hill, Freestone (from left to right)

The Western Sonoma County Rural Alliance

This West County group formed in 1979 in opposition to the Quail Hill Ranch development proposal, which was soundly defeated on the first go-around.
The project has reared its head several times in the intervening years, problems still continue with the proposal going forward with 9 luxury homes. This is far, far below the density originally proposed for this beautiful valley (see the above photo).

From this early activity, we moved on to other West County land use issues of all kinds, and gradually expanded our activity to the entire County, feeling that we would isolate ourselves from other environmental groups if we were active only in West County.

It was the concept of cooperation between the environmental groups that led to the formation of the Sonoma Co. Conser- vation Council, approximately eight years ago.

Present membership of the Rural Alliance is at approximately 260 people, mostly from West Couny.
Direction comes from a board of 10 and the board meets monthly. A quarterly newsletter is published and close liaison is maintained with the other environmental groups.

Our board members frequently volunteer for special assignments at the County level, including the General Plan Up-date Committee, on which three of our board members served; the two special Laguna studies conducted over the past 2-1/2 years, and the Highway 116 Scenic Corridor Action Committee on which one of our members was the driving force.

Through The Rural Alliance's work on the many issues undertaken, we are proud to have seen a considerable increase in membership over the past year.

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