Bill Wheeler

Opening at the Bolinas Gallery Dec.12th, 5-8pm... Get your invitation below!

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Ann Jensen Adams'

Outdoor Painting
Tony King * William Wheeler * Adam Wolpert

William Wheeler is a celebrated painter who has lived, painted and exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Are for over twenty years. Wheeler studied at Yale University with Joseph Albers and then at The San Francisco Art Institute with Richard Diebenkorn and Nathan Olivera. He is a member of the "Sonoma Four" group of open air painters. A conservationist at heart, Wheeler is a man who knows and deeply respects the land.

Wheeler's paintings have been described by John FitzGibbon as "aiming at the cosmic, the transcendental... his spritzy, freewheeling brushwork, his lyrical colorism, his painterliness all add up to one self-definition: I am a free man and freedom is tied intrinsically to the lndscape."

Ann Jensen Adams, Professor of Art History
University of Santa Barbara
May, 1996

On the upper right is Bolinas Lagoon, the upper left is The Landscape Artist at work. Down here on the left is Salmon Creek, to the right is some place I haven't asked him about... Please excuse these image reproductions...

Welcome to "The Celebration of Sankta Lucia .... 1998"
William Wheeler

Drawings, Prints, Paintings... curated by Anna Lundstrom
Bolinas Gallery... Wharf Road
Weekends... Dec. 11-14, 20-22.... 12-6pm
Reception... December 12th, 5-8pm

William Wheeler is represented by The Bradford Gallery, San Anselmo
"Lucia", watercolor, 7" by 10"
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