Salmon Creek Watershed Day
May 30th, 1998
10-4p.m. - Harmony Union School... Occidental, Ca.

It's almost here! Things are looking delightful for a sweet day in Occidental!
Invite your friends, carpool and spend a wonderful afternoon with a fine bunch of folks...

Since last February, a group of friends have met half a dozen times to discuss the planning of Salmon Creek Watershed Day. Everyone is invited not only to attend but to participate in the creation, planning, hard work and fun of the day.
The evolving Mission Statement reads as follows:

"In order to better understand and appreciate the importance of the Salmon Creek Watershed and our evolving relationship with its communities, we are planning Salmon Creek Watershed Day."

Hopefully, it will build a concensus about the value of the watershed, strengthen community relationships, increase awareness of issues and broaden the involvement and commitment to watershed restoration and protection.
The event is evolving as people identify activities they want to sponsor. Earlier discussion has addressed the purpose , activities and practical needs of organizing such an important event. Now, besides refinement of these topics, individuals are needed to commit to taking on specific tasks and working out the various details necesssry to make the day a success. All input is welcome, bring a friend to the next meeting.

Here's a map to help understand the area we're talking about.
For those not from the area, Freestone is about 60 miles North of San Francisco, seven miles inland from Bodega Bay on the coast.

Salmon Creek Watershed

We all have personal views on land use and individual rights. It is important to remember that the purpose of this group is for planning the event and not espousing any particular viewpoint.
Salmon Creek Watershed Day can bring together all the different people of the watershed to share what we have in common in a neutral place (the school), exchange knowledge and experiences, and build trust and understanding. Honoring the watershed and highlighting the good things that are happening, with respect of all viewpoints, will promote further discussion.
No one should feel that they are not included or unwelcome to join, learn, share and have fun. Perhaps additional watershed groups wil form afterwards to address specific concerns.

Salmon Creek Watershed Day!
10-4p.m.---Saturday May 30th
Harmony Union School, Occidental, Ca.

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Salmon Creek Watershed Map Courtesy of Jim Tischler and The Bodega Land Trust
Port Townsend, Washington has a Salmon Festival! Read a story with lots of good ideas by Seth Zuckerman of Ecotrust.
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